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Surf Action (Registered Charity No: 1140191) is a charity dedicated to supporting military veterans (including TA and reservists) and their families, especially those affected by PTSD and physical injuries or struggling to re-adjust to civilian life. Surf Action also supports those who have, or are, serving in the ‘blue light’ emergency services. We provide a community, a place to share experiences and support to move forward from difficulties.


QR code


You can download a free app from your phone’s app store to read QR codes.

How the app works:

To scan a QR code simply open the app, point the phone’s camera at the code, and you’re done!

There is no need to take a photo or press a button. Your QR Code Reader will automatically recognize any QR code your camera is pointing at. When scanning a QR code, if the code contains a website URL, you will automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you'll immediately see it. For other formats such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.




With a significant increase in demand for our support and intervention services, Surf Action has recently moved its HQ to new premises which are better suited to meet the needs of our service users and their families.