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We are always keen to forge links with businesses or individuals who are able to support the work that we do with veterans and recent service leavers by providing opportunities for them to transfer their skills into civilian life.

Are you looking for exceptional talent?
Whether your company is large or small, is looking for full time or part-time workers or is able to offer work experience or job shadowing as a prelude to employment then the growing pool of experienced and highly qualified veterans in the UK today should be an ideal and cost effective solution for your needs.

Business Services

From Project Management to Retail Management, Health and Safety to Facilities Management, Surf Action has worked with many organisations and identified the transferable skills and fit of Service leavers within these areas of industry.


From technical and operative to managerial, strategic and consulting roles, Service leavers have not only the experience but also the mind set for employment within the Security industry. Surf Action has worked with employers in placing veterans in specialist areas such as Maritime, Aviation and Close Protection.

Energy and Utilities

Surf Action works with companies in the energy sector and is fully aware of the increased importance of Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Offshore wind in the future energy needs of the UK. Service leavers and veterans have previous experience in working in harsh and challenging environments, working at multiple sites with minimum supervision and excellent health and safety awareness. Many are equipped to be able to take on a variety of roles in the industry including Network Operatives, Gas Service/Network Engineers, Wind Turbine Technicians and Overhead Line Workers and Electricians.

Transport and Logistics

The Armed Forces are at the leading edge of logistics, able to move personnel and equipment to far off regions of the world at short notice. From driving trucks to procuring equipment or managing technical stores warehouses, Service leavers and veterans have a wealth of experience that is directly transferable into the industry.


Military engineering experience and expertise, combined with command and leadership qualities, self-motivation, communication and analytical problem solving abilities means that veterans are not only employable but often highly sought after by industry. Engineers and technicians from the Armed Forces work with some of the world’s most advanced defence systems, with specialism in aeronautical, avionics, electrical, mechanical, nuclear, communications and marine engineering.


As well as their highly sought after vocational skills, veterans also possess a wide range of transferrable soft skills. These include:

• Communication skills practised with internal and external stakeholders
• Organisational skills
• Leadership & management skills
• A high degree of professionalism
• Problem solving
• Health & Safety, security awareness and best practice
• Team working
• Working under pressure and to exacting deadlines
• Dependability

If you feel you could offer such opportunities for employment, apprenticeship, work experience or shadowing and would like to benefit from the wealth of experience and skills that our veterans have to offer then please contact us by:

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