Surf Action promotes good mental health through personal development, education and employment and empowers veterans to lead healthy, fulfilled and independent lives.

In order to be able to achieve the best results for its service users, Surf Action has a set of core values which it strictly adheres to.

Surf Action Core Values:

Approachable – We are easy to talk to and open minded. We are accessible and easily understood.
Inspiring – We inspire our veterans and those we work with to achieve their goals. We encourage each other to be the very best at what we do and in doing so ensure we are able to motivate our veterans to look forward and move on with their lives.
Knowledgeable – We understand what we do. We are educated and continually undertake staff training and development in order to continue delivering a professional service to our veterans and the organisations which fund us.
People Centred – We are committed to having open and effective communication both inside and outside of the charity. We work as a team to ensure we deliver a consistent message to our veterans. We are warm and welcoming. This ensures that we remain focused on the needs of our veterans.
Supportive – We support our veterans to improve their wellbeing, quality of life, personal independence and achieve their personal goals.
Trustworthy – We are reliable and trusted. We take responsibility for our own actions and behaviours. We treat all information regarding our veterans with the utmost confidence and store it securely.
Diversity – We respect the diversity and individuality of all and promote social inclusion


How Surf Action helps to achieve Empowerment amongst its staff, volunteers and service users:

• People know what their responsibilities are
• People have authority equal to the responsibility assigned to them
• There are clearly defined standards of excellence
• People are provided with the learning and development opportunities based on identified learning needs
• People are given relevant knowledge and information to be able to carry out their role
• People are provided with feedback on their performance
• People are recognised for their achievements
• People are trusted
• People are given permission to fail
• People are treated with dignity and respect